Project Title

Strengthening Household Food Security and Improving Household Income for Child Labour and Poor Families



Project Area

08 villages in block Hallia, district Mirzapur


  • 240 children passed 5th standard examination and were mainstreamed from NFE Centres
  • 200 women passed adult literacy assessment
  • 45 health camps organised. Medical practitioners monitor health of 240 children from all the NFE centres every quarter. Around 100 to 125 members of the community also benefit from each health camp
  • 150 persons benefited from vocational training/rehabilitation for children and adult of child labour families
  • 40 grain drums have been setup. Grain has been sifted to grain bank and the process of lending has been initiated
  • 30 saving and credit groups of women
  • 200 families were given grafted fruit plants
  • 200 families were given vegetable kit
  • Indirect beneficiaries through rallies, competitions, exposure visit, meetings, teacher’s day/children’s day/women’s day function, involving 8,110 people


United Nations World Food Programme/Department of Forest, Government of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow