Project Title

Strengthening of ICDS Centres



Project Area

137 anganwadi centres in 84 villages of Rajgarh block of district Mirzapur


  • Increment in overall operational knowledge level of the AWW’s from an earlier knowledge level of 54 per cent
  • Rise in awareness level amongst the community, on AWC’s activities, services and provisions
  • Awareness level on roles and functions, of AWC’s now about 70 per cent amongst the community
  • Learning process at the centres made joyful resulting in increase in attendance
  • 60 per cent clients get the provision distribution recorded on their cards on regular basis; thus not leading to any discrepancy and difference of opinion
  • Five members CEC in 105 villages engaged in participatory evaluation of the centres on regular basis
  • Over 5,000 vaccinations and immunizations of BCG, DPT (1st, 2nd and 3rd), measles and booster doses of DT and DPT provided to children in project villages during health day programmes
  • 2,142 women provided with IFA tablets and TT vaccination
  • Information on nutrition status of 100 per cent children in the target age group available with AWC and parents
  • Information on nutrition status of children - specifically on weight, available at various levels of the project
  • Project outreach to 9,700 families translated into reality with support of 194 BPM’s
  • Vegetable cultivation provided families with additional supplementary nutrition - leading to improvement in health of the family members and children. About 1,400 families covered under this intervention
  • 48 capacity building programmes for CEC, AWWs BPM, Anganwadi Helper, panchayat representatives and project staff, benefiting 2,294 persons
  • 540 health days organised in all the centres during which vaccination, immunisation to children and nutritional supplement to pregnant and lactating mothers were provided


United Nations World Food Programme/Department of Forest, Government of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow