Project Title

Progressive Elimination of Child Labour in Glass Sector in Firozabad



Project Area

04 blocks – Narkhi, Kharagarh, Tundla and Firozabad Firozabad district and 08 locations in Firozabad city areas


  • 771 children passed V standard examination and were mainstream from NFE Centres
  • 623 women passed adult literacy assessment
  • 138 members participated in 16 Village Level Education Committee (VLEC)
  • About 360 children associated with 25 Bal Sabhas (children’s groups), named “Our Voice”
  • 169 health intervention camps benefited 12,583 persons
  • 138 HIV/AIDS awareness programme benefited 6,780 people
  • 405 persons benefited from vocational training/rehabilitation for children and adult of child labour families
  • 72 saving and credit groups of women and men
  • 185 Capacity building programme for children, SHG office bearers, adolescent, women, panchayat representatives and project staff, benefiting – 3,788 persons
  • Indirect beneficiaries through career fair, rallies, competitions, exposure visit, bal panchayat election, bal mela, TFD, meetings, circus show, magic show, bal adhikar sammelan, teacher’s day/children’s day/women’s day function, workshop etc, involving  40,101 persons


Save the Children (UK), New Delhi